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Activity Pod  - Help Centre

Our Help Centre is here to help. That's helpful!

In this video series we cover all the ways in which you can control your Activity pod.

You can watch the videos, here on the website or visit our YouTube channel to watch easily across all platforms.

He have also provided a downloadable instruction document which covers all the same points as the videos for you to print and distribute around the wider teaching and support staff.

download instructions -

The Portal and Logging in

All the information on your Activity pod can be updated from a secure, web based portal.

  • YouTube

Changing an Icon

You can update the touch icons for any section you wish.
Why not have a project where pupils design a new icon for the system or design their own class icon?

  • YouTube

Changing the name of a section

So that you can always update the section you need to fast, you can update the name of a section so you can always find it again easily.

  • YouTube

Changing the information

There are 10 icons in each of the Parent and School section.  Find out how to change the information here!

  • YouTube

Changing the main videos

We have made the video section on the main screen for you to display your latest school videos or image slideshows.  SAAS schools also updates these videos with relevant video content throughout the school year.

  • YouTube

Deleting a video

If your videos are out of date or are no longer relevant you can remove them from the playlist.

  • YouTube

Change the scrolling message

If you have time critical messages for pupils, visitors or parents, the instant scrolling message is the perfect way to get the message out.

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