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Starting Conversations.

Spotting Patterns.

Children’s social and emotional skills begin to develop from a very young age. Building a good understanding of emotions at an early age helps children relate to others and contributes towards managing their own mental health. 

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Child friendly systems enables pupils to report any worries. This helps leaders and staff to identify any concerns early and act promptly to support pupils and their families.

OFSTED Report for Water Primary School

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Primary schools have a vital role to play in supporting children’s mental health; teaching them the skills they need to recognise and deal with their emotions, helping those with difficulties get the support they need. Our mission is to help schools on their journey to becoming mentally healthy schools by providing an early intervention resource for managing children’s emotions. 
Moodtracker is interactive software designed by SAAS Technologies for primary school children aged 4-7, to log their feelings using modern technology within the classroom. Providing children with 7 common emotions to choose from with a range of synonyms related to each mood that helps introduce or encourage extended vocabulary around their moods and emotions.

70% of children and adolescents who experience mental health problems have not had appropriate intervention at a sufficiently early age.

Moods and Emotions


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Increasing vocabulary around emotions

Mood synonyms can be changed to suit the vocabulary of your sc enabling children to easier identify words that they know and are familiar with.
Any mood inputted by a student
appear immediately in the reporting table.
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Form daily routines

Children enter the classroom and go through their usual routine of hanging their bag and coat up.
The Moodtracker unit, a robust wall mounted tablet, is placed near this zone and forms part of your students daily routine.
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Finding the route
of the problem

Data is king - and the more we
know about the route of
children’s feelings means we can
tackle them more effectively.
A problem that has arisen in
school will be handled
differently from those that are
centred at home.
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Getting Results

Online reporting and data web portal

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Tracy Shipp

Headteacher - Tredworth Primary School

We have taken on Moodtracker this year and are really pleased with it. The children love to check in each day and if any child is not feeling great an email alert is sent to the teacher, who can then follow up with the child. The visual nature of the App means it works well for our EAL children. We had an Ofsted inspection recently and they really like the way we could also track children to see if there were any patterns in their moods and behaviour.

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Get the data

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Check the data

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Start conversations

Track Pupils' moods over time

Watch our video and how we help you track your pupils emotions

Funding Options

There are a range of grants available to help schools fund our products. Sports Premium Grants and Wellbeing for Education Grants are authorised for funding SAAS Schools products, enabling you to make great use of your funding and providing modern technology that helps your school better manage physical and mental health and wellbeing. 

We have flexible payment options available too for eligible schools so that you can spread the costs of our products across various financial school years .



Our modern software generates effective data for educators to monitor the moods of children so that you can become more proactive in managing mental health within your school. 

Moodtracker works alongside teachers and schools to reduce pupil Anxiety, Low Self Esteem and Depression, by providing an effective digital resource for supporting children’s mental health. The data captured on children’s moods and emotions also enables teachers, parents and pupils to monitor their mental health growth. 

Add classes, teachers and most importantly students to the system instantly from the secure web portal.
Changes on the portal are instantaneous on the class app as are any deletions from the portal.
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The data is set out in a way where
more worrying emotions appear
larger on the graph enabling trends
and patterns in mood over time to be identified quickly, allowing teachers to be proactive over reactive.
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We have made the data your students give you easy to view in either individual student mode or whole class view.
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Stay up to date with all our latest news and information surrounding developments on  managing children mental health

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Spotting Patterns.

Starting Conversations.

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