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Health. Wellbeing & Learning

Establishing a healthy lifestyle while children are young is extremely important. A healthy, active routine can help maintain healthy weight and can also prevent health issues, such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma, and high blood pressure. Teaching children these good practices whilst they are young will enable them to adopt these habits and utilise them throughout their lifestyle. 

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Primary schools have a vital role to play in the education and promotion of health and wellbeing from a young age; teaching them the basics of healthy eating, regular exercise and social skills that all contribute to living a healthy happy life. Our mission is to help schools on their journey to becoming a healthy happy school by providing a digital resource that contributes towards teaching, supporting and promoting health and wellbeing amongst children.


Activity Pod is interactive software designed by SAAS Schools to engage children and encourage them to be active during their school day. We specialise in providing digital signage to schools and other educational institutions around the world. We aspire to raise the standards of communication and tackle issues amongst, students, teachers and parents through our latest product Activity Pod.

Primary Schools have a vital role to play in the education and promotion of health and wellbeing of children from a young age.

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Our Kids Only section is loaded with interactive content including games, mindfulness exercises, yoga programmes and dance videos alongside healthy eating content. Providing a focus at playtime for the children; teaching, promoting and practicing health and wellbeing in a fun engaging way for the children. This section is designed with children in mind, using bright colours and fun imagery to attract the interest of the children and keep them engaged.
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& Benefits

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This section is designed specifically for schools to communicate key information to parents and children using the Activity Pod, with the capability for the school website to feature and encourage website interaction for parents. Schools are able to display their information including term dates, uniform requirements, lunch menus, curriculum data, Ofsted reports and more.
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Encouraging parent interaction can be difficult but capturing the attention of parents in the brief moments such as the school run opens a valuable line of communication and encourages parent discussions surrounding key messages within the playground whilst they wait; increasing parent participation and involvement.  Parents can view the school newsletters and stay up to date on the latest development such as after school club information, PTA updates and class progress.
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More than ever schools are in the habit of documenting school life on a day to day basis. Schools are embracing the developments in technology for the benefit of parents and parents.

SAAS Schools is another digital platform to help support them in their digital communication efforts.

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The Activity Pods video feature permits schools to quickly and easily upload unlimited school videos to the system. The videos are displayed in full HD colour and with sound enabling schools to showcase their school updates in a sleek, modern format in the playground.
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The instant messaging feature within the Activity Pod enables schools to instantly update pupils and parents with urgent messages and time critical information.
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The touchscreen capabilities of the Activity Pod means that our system can be used for so much more than just displaying passive information, our bespoke system provides a platform to encourage interactivity amongst pupils, parents and staff. 
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Health, Wellbeing & Learning

Discover how we keep children active and parents informed

Funding Options

There are a range of grants available to help schools fund our products. Sports Premium Grants and Wellbeing for Education Grants are authorised for funding SAAS Schools products, enabling you to make great use of your funding and providing modern technology that helps your school better manage physical and mental health and wellbeing. 

We have flexible payment options available too for eligible schools so that you can spread the costs of our products across various financial school years .



Stay up to date with all our latest news and information surrounding developments on  managing children mental health

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Health. Wellbeing & Learning

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