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Our Latest Installations

st thomas of canerbury energy wall

Energy Wall @ St Thomas Of Canterbury, Bolton

game point sandon

Game Point @ Sandon Primary School, Stoke -On -Trent

sandon energy wall

Energy Wall @ Sandon Primary School, Stoke-On- Trent

Scoil Mhuire Muneachan Ireland

Energy Wall @ Scoil Mhuire Muneachan, Ireland

Jenny Hammond Primary School b

Energy Wall @ Jenny Hammond Primary School, London, headteacher enjoying their new Energy Wall

Leamington Primary School Liverpool

Energy Wall @ Leamington Primary School, Liverpool

Spittal Primary School

Energy Wall @ Spittal Primary School, Scotland

Westmorland Stockport

Energy Wall @ Westmorland School, Stockport

QEII  West sussex

Energy Wall @ QEII West Sussex, personalised design from pupils

Woden Primary School

Energy Wall @ Woden Primary School, Wolverhampton

William Gilbert Endowed C of E Primary School

Energy Wall @ William Gilbert Derbyshire, wall mounted installation and personalised Energy Wall

All Saints Primary School

Energy Wall @ All Saints Primary School , Lessingham. Pupils enjoying their personalised Energy Wall

Energy wall @ Our Lady of Compassion

Energy wall @ Our Lady of Compassion - They picked our popular 'Numbers' design

Energy wall @ English Martyrs

Energy wall @ English Martyrs - With their school slogan proudly on the board

Energy wall @ Herons Dale

Energy wall @ Herons Dale - Installed in a quieter bit of the playground next to the school garden

Energy wall @ Sexton Manor

Energy wall @ Sexton Manor - Installed on the playground wall

Energy wall @ Kingsley School

Energy wall @ Kingsley School - Installed on a portable stand to easliy move around school

Energy wall @ All Saints

Energy wall @ All Saints - Designed by the school

Energy wall @ St Andrews

Energy wall @ St Andrews - Designed by the pupils of St Andrews

Moodtracker @ Bushmills

Moodtracker @ Bushmills - Spotting patterns, Starting conversations

Activity pod @ St James School

Activity pod @ St James School - Games and education for the children, information for the parents

Meet the team

Our team have almost 20 years experience in delivering digital solutions to schools; they have the knowledge and expertise to deliver digital systems that schools need to help them in providing resources to support health and wellbeing, learning and safeguarding.

Stay up to date with all our latest news and information surrounding developments on  managing children mental health

Latest News

Funding Options

There are a range of grants available to help schools fund our products. Sports Premium Grants and Wellbeing for Education Grants are authorised for funding SAAS Schools products, enabling you to make great use of your funding and providing modern technology that helps your school better manage physical and mental health and wellbeing. 

We have flexible payment options available too for eligible schools so that you can spread the costs of our products across various financial school years .



Hardware. Software. We Care.

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