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Schools Mental Health Wellbeing Report 2024

Since 2004, research suggests that there has been a sharp rise in mental-ill health among young children in England.


Some groups of children and young people are disproportionately impacted by mental health problems largely driven by a complex interplay of social and environmental determinants of poor mental health.

Support in Schools

Schools can be a protective factor and a cause for poor mental health. The LGA has a long called for the roll out of counsellors in all state schools across England to support young people. It is essential that a range of professionals can support children and young peoples mental health needs.

MoodTracker is an interactive software aimed for primary school children to help track and understands children’s emotions. It is used to target if there is underlying issues at home or school.

This can impact children positively to understand they are not alone and that there is help accessible to them and to help them know school is a safe place for them.

 MoodTracker emerges as a beacon of hope, offering families and schools a comprehensive tool to monitor, understand and nurture children's emotional wellbeing.

Contact SAAS Schools for more information on MoodTracker or any other of our Mental and Physical health Projects.

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