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Spotting Patterns. Starting Conversations.

Children’s social and emotional skills begin to develop from a very young age. Building a good understanding of emotions at an early age helps children relate to others and contributes towards managing their own mental health.

Primary schools have a vital role to play in supporting children’s mental health; teaching them the skills they need to recognise and deal with their emotions, helping those with difficulties get the support they need. Our mission is to help schools on their journey to becoming mentally healthy schools by providing an early intervention resource for managing children’s emotions.

Moodtracker is interactive software designed by SAAS Technologies for primary school children to log their feelings using modern technology within the classroom. Providing children with 7 common emotions to choose from with a range of synonyms related to each mood that helps introduce or encourage extended vocabulary around their moods and emotions.

Our modern software generates effective data for educators to monitor the moods of children so that you can become more proactive in managing mental health within your school.

Children’s Mental Health Week stated School Staff Witness an increase in pupil Anxiety, Low Self Esteem and Depression for 2022. Reporting the vast majority of staff working in UK schools (95%) have witnessed increased levels of pupil anxiety since the start of the school year, according to new research published by Places2Be and NAHT.

1 in 6 children and young people have a diagnosable mental health problem and many more struggle with challenges from bullying to bereavement.

Moodtracker works alongside teachers and schools to reduce pupil Anxiety, Low Self Esteem and Depression, by providing an effective digital resource for supporting children’s mental health. The data captured on children’s moods and emotions also enables teachers, parents and pupils to monitor their mental health growth.

70% of children and adolescents who experience mental health problems have not had appropriate intervention at a sufficiently early age. 

Our Chairman Adrian Reed states,

“It is essential that primary schools have the resources in place to monitor and manage the mental health of children at a young age. Early intervention can eliminate and reduce problems during adolescent and adult life.

We are passionate about helping schools improve their mental health. The positive feedback, which we have received from schools and parents so far is invaluable. As a company we are extremely proud of the product and our contribution towards helping schools manage the mental health of children across the UK.”

One of the leading factors that affects children’s mental health is bullying. Bullying is still a huge problem amongst children in schools, if left unaddressed it can have devastating effects on individuals. Bullying can be a barrier to children’s learning and can have lasting effects on an individual’s mental health throughout their adult life.

The Department for Education outlines that schools are expected to draw up and implement an effective anti-bullying strategy. Moodtracker is a remarkable resource for supporting your schools anti-bullying strategy as it is able to identify and highlight such issues early on - enabling schools to address incidents which occur and deal with bullying and poor behaviour before it progresses further. Helping schools effectively prevent and tackle bullying and contribute to creating safe, disciplined environments where pupils are able to fulfil their potential.

“Successful schools create an environment that prevents bullying from being a serious problem in the first place. School staff, head teachers and governors are best placed to decide how best to respond to the particular issues that affect their pupils.”

Department for Education

Preventing and Tackling Bullying - Advice for Headteachers, Staff & Governing Bodies

We know that identifying issues and problems amongst children can be a difficult task for schools. With increased pressure on teachers and staff to better manage mental health, you can relieve some of that pressure as Moodtracker effectively logs data and identifies issues so that you can proactively manage mental health issues within your school.

Sports Premium Grants and Wellbeing for Education Grants are authorised for funding Moodtracker, enabling you to make great use of your funding and providing modern technology that enables children to log their moods and feelings daily in the classroom.

Contact us now for more information on how you can work towards spotting patterns and starting conversations surrounding mental health with Moodtracker.

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